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What is a Contact Card?


Where can I find my Contact Cards?

Contact Cards can be found at the top of the Home Page. 


Are there different kinds of Contact Cards?

Yes, see all the most common cards below. Contact Cards will remain on the Home Page for six weeks before retiring.


What should I do with my Contact Cards?

When you click on a Contact Card, a summary panel reveals all the information you have for this contact as well as a set of recommended follow-up actions. Use our follow-up templates and start a conversation ASAP.

Card Name

Card Image on Front

Triggered By

Observed in Vertical

Engaged Contact


A contact has a Contact Score between 6 and 8. This score is based on how frequently the contact opened and/or clicked emails in the past three campaigns.


Highly-engaged Contact


A contact has a Contact Score of at least 9. This score is based on how frequently the contact opened and/or clicked emails in the past three campaigns.


Contact Referral


Someone was referred to you via a ReferralEngine campaign.


Contact Request


Someone submitted the “Contact” form on your Profile Page.


Hot Lead


A contact says they are extremely likely to need services in the next six months (via ReferralEngine).


New Subscriber


Someone subscribes to your newsletter campaign from
your Profile Page.





Below we’ve listed some information you might find on a Contact Card:

  • Why this Contact Card has been generated
  • Contact name
  • Contact detail
  • Contact source
  • Possible actions you can take with this contact




Can I remove a Contact Card?

Yes, you can! Removed contacts will still receive your emails; this action will only remove the contact from your view on the Home Page. You can remove a Contact Card from your Home Page in two ways:

  1. To remove a card from the Home Page, click the X in the upper right-hand corner of the card.
  2. You may also remove a contact from your contacts list by clicking through the Contact Card to the summary panel. At the bottom of the panel click on "Remove From Contacts List" to remove the contact from your Home Page view. 


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