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What steps does Outbound Engine take to ensure deliverability of email campaigns?


On occasion, you may find that your email sent to some clients does not get delivered.  The inability to deliver 100% of messages is common for email senders such as our company, and we monitor our deliveries closely to look for issues and resolve them.  

We take several steps to improve our email deliverability to your client’s inbox, including using industry standard tools and proprietary techniques to make sure that the content of our emails is strong and will increase the chances of reaching your clients’ mailboxes such as:

·         Testing the content in over 70 email clients

·         Optimizing our text to image ratio

·         Following CAN-SPAM guidelines

·         Using a dedicated IP address for our mail server

·         Ensuring our customers’ contact lists are of good quality

In order to better guarantee that your message will be delivered to  your clients, we ask that you submit email addresses only for persons that you know or for with you have a relationship.   When someone marks your email message as SPAM in their email application, it decreases the chances that your message will be delivered in the future.

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