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How to follow up on a warm lead alert


When you receive a Warm Lead Alert from Outbound Engine, that means that one of your contacts has visited your online catalog.  This is a great time to reach out to them via phone or email to see if they have any projects coming up that you can help with.

Here is a recommended way to follow up:

  1. Look up the products they viewed on your catalog by clicking on the Activity Log in the alert email.  Alternatively you can download a campaign report and sort by clicked (Instructions can be found here).  Any contact with "yes" in that column visited your catalog.  You can then search for that contact in your Contacts tab and view the Activity Log from there. (NOTE: if your contact has cookies or javascript disabled, the reporting function will not work properly and could cause no data to be reported in the Activity Log)
  2. Click on the links shown in the Activity Log and this will take you to the page the contact viewed.
  3. Call or email your contact and ask if they received the email you sent earlier and ask them if they have any projects coming up. (NOTE: even if there are one or two warm leads with no reported link as detailed above, you can still follow-up knowing they at least were interested in something on your catalog)

Some of our most experienced users suggest following up immediately after you receive the warm lead.  A suggested script is to say something like:

“Hi, I just wanted to make sure you got the unique holiday ideas email I sent earlier.  If you need help with anything or would like more information, just let me know."

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