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What does the activity log for my warm lead alert mean?


When you receive a warm lead email, you are given the option to view the activity log by click on the provided link. The Warm Lead Activity Log will detail the page they viewed as well as the date and time. You may click on the page link to go directly to the page they viewed on your site.

Now, a couple of things to keep in mind….

If the page detail only has a category name, for example, “Health and Welness with Your Logo | ABC Company,” that would indicate that your client just visited that category and did not click on a specific item.

If the page detail includes a product name, for example, “Screen Cleaner with Your Logo | ABC Company,” that would indicate that you client viewed this actual product page.

If you click on the activity log link and the page pulls up without any information, this means that your client has set their cookies to a higher safety setting and we are unable to capture information. Despite this, you should still consider this a warm lead as you know that your client visited your catalog!

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