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How do I set up a domain redirect/forwarding?


These are general instructions, for more specific tutorials please contact your hosting service*.

  1. Log in to your account on your hosting service's website (For example,, and go to the DNS management page.
  2. Go to the domain you want to redirect/forward.
  3. Depending on the site, select redirect or forward for that domain.
  4. When instructed enter the catalog URL you want to forward your domain name to, i.e. OR  Save your changes.
  5. If you want to setup masking as well (so that your catalog actually appears as your own domain name), most sites have it under More Options or Advanced Options from the forwarding page.  Select the masking option.
  6. You also should have the ability to setup either a permanent or temporary setting from this page as well.
  7. Make sure to save all changes.

If you have any questions, or are interested in setting up a CNAME record (custom domain) please contact

*For GoDaddy -

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