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How To View Supplier Information


As a distributor, you have the ability to see supplier information for each item. There are two ways of seeing this:

 If it is a featured product on an email campaign you can login to, click Campaigns tab, Double click on the campaign in question. That will open up the View Details window. From there, click on the "Featured Products" tab to see the featured products on that particular campaign. Clicking on any of the products will take you to the supplier's website for that particular item.

 If it is not a featured product on an email campaign but listed in your catalog, you must first log in to From there, click on the "Products" tab as per below:


Next, enter the PLP number or description of the item in question and click the magnifying glass to the left of the search box:

That will bring up the following information that includes supplier and supplier item number. 

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