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Authorizing Your Twitter Account


As a security measure, Twitter occasionally requires users to re-authenticate third-party apps, including OutboundEngine. To restore your social sharing capabilities, follow the steps below.


1. Log in to your OutboundEngine account

2. Click on your headshot and name in the bottom left-hand corner

3. Choose Account Settings

4. Scroll to the section titled Social Media Accounts and click on Connect below the Twitter icon.

5. A pop-up window will appear from Twitter prompting you to authorize OutboundEngine to use your account. Click Authorize app.

6. Twitter will generate a PIN in a separate window. Highlight the PIN and right-click to Copy

7. Return to the OutboundEngine App. A window to Paste the Twitter Authorization PIN will be available. Once you’ve pasted the PIN, click Connect.


For assistance restoring your social sharing connection, contact us at 888.988.5526 or

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