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How to bulk upload your contacts


You have the ability to upload contacts to your OutboundEngine account by logging into and accessing the tab labeled Contacts. At the bottom of the screen click on "Upload Contact File" and follow the instructions to upload a .csv file into your account.

For successful upload, your contact list must be in CSV (comma-separated values) format, and each column name must match this Contact List Template (including capitalization).

Any new contacts will be added to your list. If a contact's email address is already on your list, the upload will update the existing contact with any new information from the new list.

We ask that you tell us a few more details about when these contacts were last emailed and where you sourced these email addresses. Please note that all uploads are subject to a test phase to ensure that the list is valid. These measures help protect both OutboundEngine's and your company's email reputation.


Need help?

Feel free to email your contact list to, we will get it uploaded for you. ** Please note, we recommend that you submit your contacts to us 24 to 48 business hours before your campaign to ensure they are processed. 

Be sure to include the following information:

1) When was the last time everyone on the list was emailed? (past week, month, year, or more than a year ago?)

2) What is the source of these contacts? (current customers, purchased, opt-in on website or Other (please specify))

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