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How to add, edit or delete contacts


To add, edit or delete contacts, login into your application ( and click on the Contacts tab.

Click the button at the top left of the page that says “New Contact(s)”.  

Adding a Contact:

  1. Click on Add
  2. The only required contact detail is an email address. However, it is strongly recommended that each contact include a first and last name and/or a company name so that you can easily identify contacts when you receive alerts or are searching through contacts in your account.
  3. Once information is entered click “Save and Close” or “Save and Add Another”

Upload Contacts:

  1. Click on Upload
  2. Your contact list must be in CSV (comma-separated values) format, and each column name must match the contact list template (including capitalization).
  3. Any new contacts will be added to your list. If a contact's email address is already on your list, the upload will update the existing contact with any new information from the new list.
  4. Once you’ve uploaded your list and answered the two security questions click “Upload”

Importing Contacts: 

OutboundEngine has 21 importers that make it easy for you to import to our product. Simply click on the source you’d like to import from and follow the walkthrough.

If you would like to bulk upload contacts, click here for instructions.

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