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How do I create a LinkedIn Profile?


LinkedIn is a social networking site used specifically for professional purposes.  You can use it to connect yourself to your existing professional network as well as expand your network to others.  It is easy to setup an account and create your profile, just follow these steps.

1. Go to
2. Under "Get started - it's free" and fill out your First Name, Last Name, Email and Password and click "Join Now".

3. Next, fill out your basic work information and location. Click "Create my Profile."

4. The next screen will prompt you to "Grow your network on LinkedIn" by adding your email.  It will automatically populate your email, but this step can get a little tricky, so for now click Skip this step. 

5. Next, you will need to confirm your email address. Click "send a confirmation email instead."  Login to your email inbox and look for the email from LinkedIn.

6. Open that email and click the link to verify/confirm your email address.

7. LinkedIn will now suggest people you may know. Select the people you know then click "Add connections" in the lower left-hand corner. If you do not recognize anyone, you can also click "Skip this step." 

8. The next page will prompt you to add a cell phone number to get the App. Skip this step for now.

9. LinkedIn will now ask you to upgrade your plan. SKIP THIS STEP. You do not need to pay for an account.

10. You will be directed to your LinkedIn Profile Page. You will see a blue box at the top of the screen containing a job related question. Once you answer the question and click "save", another question will appear. Spend a few minutes answering these questions. If it is a question you would like to include on your profile page, answering the question will automatically add it to the appropriate field below. If you do not wish to answer one of the questions, click "Skip" and a new question will appear. 

Congratulations! You have successfully created your LinkedIn page! 

This blog post will give you some insight on how to improve your LinkedIn profile and make it the best it can be!

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