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How long does the test phase last?


Once we receive your list of contacts, we begin the list optimization phase to ensure the highest possible delivery rates.

Here’s how it works: We rely on smaller test lists to verify that all of your contacts have active and valid email accounts. The optimization phase is initiated each time you import a list of contacts. Those contacts will receive the next campaign over a span of five days. Why? Because if we immediately email your entire list, some emails will inevitably bounce and we risk harming your delivery reputation (an essential part of email marketing). It can take months to salvage a bad reputation, so we do everything we can to help you avoid this.

So, we use the first campaign to make sure your reputation is stellar from the start. We’ll also proudly display the delivery rate for every campaign we send out.

In the meantime, if you log into your account and notice that we haven’t sent to 100% of your list, do not be concerned. The optimization phase is underway!

If you still have inactive contacts after the test phase is complete, please see Why are my contacts marked as inactive?

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