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FAQs for Campaign Builder


Is there a character limit for the Campaign Content?

There is no character limit except for Twitter content.  Twitter requires a 40 character limit.


Can I delete a campaign created with the Campaign Builder?

Yes, that is an option.  Just highlight the campaign in question and either right-click or just select the Delete button at the bottom of the page.


Can I use my own banner image?

Yes, that is an option.  When you are choosing a banner image, you can select something from our archives or choose an image to use from your computer.


Can I customize the campaign with HTML?

Absolutely, we hope that you do!  You can use the Source Edit mode to use HTML code to further customize a campaign, like adding a hyperlink or an animated GIF.  However, please note that you do need to be familiar with HTML.  We can help with the basics, but it would be best if you familiarized yourself with it.  Here is a link to a great resource for learning more about HTML:


Do I need to have the Social Sharing feature in order to use the Campaign Builder?

No, you are not required to have this feature in order to use Campaign Builder.  Although it is not required, we do recommend you have it in order to get the full value of Campaign Builder.


Can I create Social campaigns using Campaign Builder?

Yes!  You can create a social campaign but it must be tied to the send date of the email campaign.  The social campaign can be completely custom with your own content, but the send schedule for the social campaigns is based on the send date of the email campaign.  At this time we do not offer a stand-alone Social Campaign Builder, but that is in the works!


After I Finalize a campaign, can I move it back to Draft mode to make further changes?

Yes that is an option, but you should think of the Finalized mode as being FINAL.  You should only move the campaign to this mode when you have finished making changes and the campaign is ready to go.  However you do have the option to change it back to Draft mode up until the day the campaign is scheduled to go out.


Can I Preview a campaign created with Campaign Builder?

Yes, the Preview feature is available in the Campaign Builder window and also in the Campaigns tab.  It works just like the other campaigns we provide.


Can I send a campaign created with Campaign Builder to a segmented group of my contact database?

Yes, we have a way for you to upload a list of contacts that you would like to exclude from that campaign.  Contact our support team to have this feature enabled.  (888) 988-5526 /


Is there a limit to the number of campaigns I can create with Campaign Builder each month?

Yes, 2 per month.  You do not want to bombard your customers with too many emails each month. We already provide 1 campaign every 2 weeks and if you are signed up for referrals, there is also that campaign each quarter.  This limit will keep your customers happy and coming back for more business!


I am signed up for the Social Only plan, can I use Campaign Builder?

Absolutely!  You can create the content and setup the social posts and schedule like our email customers would.  The only difference is that the campaign will go out on social media and not via email.

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