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How To Whitelist Transactional Emails From OutboundEngine (GoDaddy Workspace Email)


***NOTE: Below instructions are only for clients who use GoDaddy Workspace Email.***

When OutboundEngine tries to send you a transactional email such as a warm lead alert, campaign preview, statistical email, etc. and the email is unsuccessfully delivered, we will inform you via email. 

Why transactional emails may not get to you:

1. The email was inadvertently marked as spam, or was caught in a spam filter *before* hitting your inbox.

2. You may have unsubscribed from one of the emails we sent, and thereby were unsubscribed from receiving all emails. To manage the types of emails you receive, check out your message center.

3. There was a temporary issue with your email server.

To resolve this:

Provide an alternate email address


Set up an Allowed Sender List in your GoDaddy Workspace Email Settings

1. Log in to Workspace Webmail

2. From the Settings menu, select Message Filters.

3. Select one of the following options:

  • Custom Filters - Message filtering allows you to send specific messages to appropriate folders that you have set up.
  • Allowed List - Allowing email addresses ( or a domain name ( never marks email from them as spam.

4. Click Add New, and then OK when you are finished.


Below are domains to add to your Allowed Sender List:






If you run into any issues, have questions, or just want to chat with your friendly Client Success Team, don't hesitate to contact us


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