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Introducing Contact Score


What is Contact Score?

Contact Score is a measure of how much a Contact has been opening your email newsletter and clicking on links in it. It allows you to quickly see who on your email list is finding the most value from your emails.

Why does Contact Score matter?

The biggest boost for your business comes from word-of-mouth referrals from your best clients. Contact Score lets you see who are your most engaged brand evangelists. These are the people who are most likely to write a favorable review of you, recommend you to others and become repeat clients.

What should I do with Contact Score?

Reach out to your contacts with the highest Contact Score. You can thank them for their business and ask how you can be of service. You’re already top of mind with these Contacts because they’ve been engaging with your newsletters, so they are more apt to be ready to re-engage with you and help you out. Don’t mention that they have a high Contact Score; let that just be a reason to feel confident that you’ll get a good reception when you reach out to them.

How are the scores calculated?

We create a score for your contacts using a proprietary algorithm that looks at the open rates and click-throughs from the most recent email newsletters. The higher the score, the more engaged a contact is with your email campaigns.

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