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LinkedIn Best Practices


Our content is aimed to improve your social networking sites and keep your business top of mind, but only you can add the personal touches that make a social page truly complete.

Here are 8 best practices to help you become a LinkedIn pro:

1) Sell your summary

        Write a compelling summary that explains who you are, highlights your business passion and illustrates why people should take notice. Sell your business and yourself!

2) Join the community

        Join LinkedIn groups related to your industry and interests. There you can engage in conversations, share content and share your industry expertise.

3) Share industry articles

        Read something interesting online? Share content related to your industry so that people begin to trust you as a reliable source of information.

4) Be motivational

        You’ll often see business owners sharing motivational articles or images to help inspire creativity and hard work. Share these on your page, too, as they are one of LinkedIn’s most popular trends.

5) Link your accounts

        When editing your page, you can connect your LinkedIn to your Twitter, Facebook, business page and other websites. Take advantage of this extra reach.

6) Engage with others

        Your LinkedIn newsfeed is constantly refreshing with updates from your connections; make sure you like, comment and share as a means of encouraging others to do the same with you.

7) Promote your achievements

        Did your business win an award? Were you mentioned in a local publication? Share the good news with others! LinkedIn also highlights business anniversaries, which is a great time to post about your positive work experiences over the year.

8) Make the most of recommendations

        LinkedIn is unique in that it allows you to write recommendations for your connections. Write positive things about people in your network, and don’t be shy to ask for them to recommend you. It’s a great way to build a positive reputation.


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