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How do I take my Facebook presence to the next level?


OutboundEngine content is aimed to improve your social networking profiles and keep your business top of mind, but only you can add the personal touches that make a social page truly complete.

Here are 10 best practices to help you become a Facebook all-star:

1) Show off your personality

        Post photos of business events, a selfie with a happy customer or colleague, or other fun things that will make your page feel friendly and familiar.  Being personable helps build trust.


2) Stay up-to-date

Don’t forget to update your profile picture and cover photo every few months.

3) Share your achievements

        Did your business win an award? Were you mentioned in a local publication? Share the good news with others!


4) Celebrate milestones

Are you a few people away from 100 likes?  Encourage your audience to share your page, and maybe even offer a prize for the person who makes you hit your targeted mark.

5) Interact with others

        If someone comments on your posts, get into the habit of responding, even if it’s as simple as a thank you. People appreciate it when businesses take the time to engage with them. You can also tag a person in a comment or post to generate more conversation.


Show example: “Hey, John Doe, this article made me think of you!”

6) Like other pages

        Liking other pages is a great way to get in front of larger audiences. The page owner will be happy to gain a new follower, and then you can engage with his or her posts with comments and likes as a way to generate additional awareness for your page.


7) Try real-time marketing

        When it makes sense, reference local or timely events. Post a Happy New Year’s Day message, wish your followers a happy Friday, or offer a warning when a severe storm is approaching your area. Real-time marketing is a great way to show people you’re active and responsive.

8) #Hashtag

        By adding a hashtag to a word or phrase, you create an automatic search link that brings the reader to every other post also using that hashtag. It’s a way of adding your thoughts and comments to a global conversation.

 Embed tweet (example):

Link to tweet:

Embed tweet (example):

Link to tweet:


9) Embrace social trends

        Participating in popular social trends such as #TBT (throwback Thursday: a day when people post photos of themselves or their company from the past) is a great way to show your more playful side. As always, only do what feels appropriate for your brand.

10) Invite others!

        Remember to invite friends and business contacts to like your page on a regular basis. Once every two weeks is a good cadence for most users.


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