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What is Home Page?


Why did we add the Home Page?

Home Page was created to simplify and enhance the OutboundEngine user experience. We highlight the most important aspects of your account, surface the most engaged contacts in your network, show you how your campaigns are performing and give you a real-time feed of your account activity in an easy-to-read format.


Where can I find the new Home Page?

The Home Page will provide an at-a-glance view of the most important parts of your account upon login. You’ll instantly have insight into your most engaged contacts, most recent campaigns, account activity and high-level campaign performance.


What are the new features of the Home Page?

The Home Page is designed to provide you insight into the results you’re getting from your investment with OutboundEngine. What you can expect: 

  • Insight into the most engaged contacts in your network as represented by contact cards.
  • A snapshot of your previous, current and next campaign.
  • A glimpse of the cumulative engagement from your campaigns and overall performance.

A sum of the activities executed on your behalf by OutboundEngine. (Learn more about the Activity Stream.) 

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    Joanne Spruce

    how do I find my homepage?

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