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How to export contacts from Top Producer


To export contacts from Top Producer for upload to your OutboundEngine account: 

  1. Hover over contacts and click Search for Contacts
  2. Search for the contacts you would like to export. To export all contacts simply click search at the bottom of the page without entering any search terms. 
  3. Select the contacts you would like to export (you will be able to select all contacts in the next step) and click export contacts at the bottom of the page. This will open an export contacts window.
  4. Choose selected contacts or all contacts.
  5. Export contacts to CSV.
  6. Select Email List to ensure emails are included. 
  7. Click Export to begin the process. The processing time depends on the amount of information being exported. 
  8. Once complete save the file to your computer. 
  9. Email the file to and our Customer Success team will upload it to your account, and let you know once it has been taken care of.*

*Remember that all new contacts go through our testing and optimization phase. If you have any questions about this phase please click here to read about it or contact our customer success team by phone at 888.988.5526 or through email at 

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