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Contact Sync: Sync Contactually & Gmail with OutboundEngine


What is Contact Sync?
Contact Sync allows you to automate the process of adding new contacts by syncing your Gmail database or Contactually buckets with your OutboundEngine database! Simply log into OutboundEngine and follow the steps listed below to link your accounts–it takes less than a minute!

How does Contact Sync help you?
Once you have your accounts synced, OutboundEngine  will automatically  sync your contacts prior to each scheduled newsletter campaign to ensure that the most up-to-date contact information is used when your campaigns are sent.  

We’ll also connect any additional data you may have about your contacts, including photos, so you have a rich contact record at your fingertips the next time that person responds to a campaign.

Which databases can you sync with OutboundEngine through Contact Sync?
At this time, your Gmail and Contactually databases can be synced with your OutboundEngine account.

Note: If you currently use both Gmail and Contactually, it is best practice to first sync your Gmail account to Contactually, and then sync Contactually to OutboundEngine.

How to Sync Contactually with OutboundEngine:
Perform the following steps to sync your Contactually contacts with OutboundEngine:


1. Log in to the OutboundEngine app:


2. Click Contacts in the left pane:


3. In the upper-right, click New Contact(s):



4. Choose Contactually from the list of available sources and click the “Connect” button listed next to the source..



5. Click the “Connect” button on the expanded Contactually source accordion.



  6. Authenticate with Contactually by entering your Contactually credentials.

Note: If you are already logged into Contactually, OutboundEngine may bypass this step and proceed directly to step 7.



7. Authorize OutboundEngine to access your Contactually account by clicking “Authorize” button.


8. The Contactually accordion will expand to display all of the Contactually Buckets you have available to sync.  Select the Contactually buckets you would like to sync with your OutboundEngine database. You can come back here if you ever want to change the buckets that you’d like to sync.



9. After making your selections, click “Save” or “Sync Now”.

If you click “Save” your settings will be saved and the selected buckets will be synced automatically prior to your next Newsletter campaign.

If you click “Sync Now” your settings will be saved and OutboundEngine will immediately begin the contact sync process. After choosing “Sync Now” and the sync process begins, you may exit this screen (click done) and perform other functions within OutboundEngine as normal. The sync process will continue in the background.


10. After configuring the sync connection, OutboundEngine will show that you’ve successfully connected your Contactually account to OutboundEngine and will display the last sync date and the next sync date. We pull in the following data for your contacts:

First Name

Last Name

Email Address

Phone Numbers

Company Name






Note: Contactually contacts must have an email address associated with them in order to be synced.


How to Sync Gmail with OutboundEngine

1.Login to your OutboundEngine app -> Contacts -> New Contact on the top right corner. Click on the Gmail button listed under the “Sync Contacts” tab.


2. Click “CLICK HERE” link to initiate the account authorization process.



3. In the dialog that appears, authorize your Gmail account.

4. After you’re authorized, click Sync Contacts:

5. Contacts synced from Gmail can be displayed in the database using the new Source filter.


Contact Sync FAQs

How should I edit my contacts?
Synced contacts cannot be edited within OutboundEngine. You must edit synced contacts within the contact source (e.g. Contactually, Gmail), as the contact source is considered the true source for your contact data.

What happens with each sync process?
Each sync process will add new contacts to your contact list, update data for existing contacts, and remove archived/deleted contacts from your OutboundEngine account as long as they were edited in the contact source first.

Can I sync my contacts manually?

Yes, you can request a contact sync to occur manually via your OutboundEngine settings at any time.

How often does Contactually sync with OutboundEngine?
Once the setup listed above is complete,  OutboundEngine will automatically sync your contacts prior to each scheduled newsletter campaign to ensure that the most up-to-date information is used when sending to a specific contact. As a reminder, the automated sync schedule is calculated based on newsletters campaigns ONLY.The exact date of the sync may fluctuate depending upon the date of the next scheduled newsletter campaign.

What happens if I disconnect OutboundEngine from Contactually or Gmail?

When you disconnect your OutboundEngine account from Contactually or Gmail, contacts that have been synced from that source will not be removed from your OutboundEngine contact list. If you no longer wish to send to them, you must manually disable or delete previously synced contacts from your list after you disconnect the sync.

Additionally, if OutboundEngine becomes disconnected from Contactually due to an account authentication problem, the OutboundEngine App will send you an email prompting you to log in and re-authenticate the connection. A link will be provided in the email that will take you straight there.

After you disconnect, contact syncing will stop. However, all contacts previously synced will remain on your list, without attribution (the Contactually icon in the Source column will be removed), until you manually remove them from your OutboundEngine contact list.


General Sync Behavior

Contacts that have been synced from Contactually or Gmail will appear in your OutboundEngine  contact list with a Contactually icon in the “Source” column.


You can view only those contacts that have been synced from Contactually by using the new Source Filter.



Contacts that have been synced from Contactually or Gmail cannot be edited in OutboundEngine.  They must be edited in Contactually or Gmail and subsequently synced (manually or automated).


For any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team at (888)988-5526.


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